Free Minecraft Download and Enjoy Building Windmill

Free Minecraft Download and Enjoy Building Windmill



In order to play Minecraft, we need to search on the internet the word free minecraft download and follow the link. One of the things that you will enjoy in it is building a windmill.

Steps to Build a Windmill

First step to build a windmill is to search for a large flat land and build a square base 10x10. Start building upwards, the first layer should be 5 blocks tall. Seal of the section with a roof, then figure out where you will build your front door. Take out the grass floor and replace it with wood or stone. Break through the ceiling and build some stairs. Build the mill up another 2 blocks and another box shape on top of what you have of size 8x8x5. Build another layer 6x6x5, then build a final layer 4x4x5. Next, you need to take out all the corners of all the layers and replace the corners with a darker material. Build a few blocks out near the top and add the 4 blades. Take out the middle section of each blade. Replace each middle of the section with a fence post. Head back inside and build a balcony area. Add a ladder system going to the top and add torches to brighten the place up. Add a window from the room inside. Make your patio look more realistic by adding support columns.

Start building the milling mechanism; this consists of two solid surfaces to grind wheat against, followed by a shaft connecting them to the blades at the top. Lastly, you can add a garden to the site to add a beauty to it.

It will be good to enjoy what you are doing so, when following the step, you must enjoy it since the beginning up to the end. It will provide you a good result if you are enjoying what you are doing.Reference taken from here


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