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Diana was released not long ago and was the center of news for quite a while. She was overpowered for quite some time and when Riot nerfed her, they nerfed her to the ground until she was not viable to play. Fortunately, Riot got the idea that they nerfed her hard and buffed her back up again. This time, she is now where she is - at the right place. The idea of Diana was evident way back when Leona was launched. Leona was the Sun while Diana was the Moon. It was only a matter of time before Riot had to make a champion with a moon theme. Diana is an assassin with the ability to tank as well. This made her obviously overpowered but with a few tweaks, she was regulated.

With your free riot points, you can try out how powerful Diana can become when played in the right hands. Diana has a unique skillshot for her first skill. Her first skill fires a bolt of moonlight that forms a crescent before it reaches the intended target. This makes her skillshot difficult to land at first. She can also tank a lot of damage with her second skill which shields her while damaging nearby enemies and rearms her shield once the orbs that surround her disappears. Her ultimate is what makes her very difficult to catch as well as instantly kills a squishy enemy. She dashes to the intended target and if the enemy is hit with her first skill, the ultimate skill refreshes making her dash for a second time.

When she was released, people were claiming she was overpowered given her ability to tank and dish out huge amounts of damage. When Riot nerfed her, the community backlashed and found out that she also had weaknesses. The usual magic resist items were her weakness. She cannot do much damage to champions with heavy magic resist items which all champions were bound to have by late game. This alone made Riot buff her back and now she is in a good place.


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