How to Get Minecraft for Free: Download Minecraft without Cost

How to Get Minecraft for Free: Download Minecraft without Cost


You’ve been hooked into this amazing building block game that let you control the entire game the way you wanted it to be. Unfortunately, the new releases of Minecraft are in paid-version hence you have to shell-out cash to be able to play it. Assuming that you don’t want to spend money in playing this addicting game, you can opt for the free versions. If you are clueless how to get Minecraft free then, here are several ways that can help you get your own version of Minecraft.


Start using the Internet

Search for the free version of Minecraft. On your search engine, type “Minecraft free”, “Minecraft pc version” or “download Minecraft free”. You will see numerous results. Choose the one that works for your computer best. The personal computer version is free to play and you just have to download in on your pc. The original version of Minecraft runs on different operating systems. If your pc runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux then, you can download original Minecraft in your pc without cost. You can also download the other versions of Minecraft for free such as Minecraft Classic and Minecraft 4K.

The free version of Minecraft on pc is not updated. Still it runs in creative mode so you will be able to enjoy the same functions like build and destroy. It is possible whether you are playing in multiplayer server or you are playing alone. However, you will not be able to enjoy the creatures in this version. You can skip the creature part in this game. Furthermore, there is no lava in this game hence you will not get damaged. This kind of environmental hazard is not present in this free version. That means, there’s not much challenge in this free version of Minecraft. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy the game.You can learn more about  here


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