How to Play Minecraft for Free

How to Play Minecraft for Free

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Minecraft is a very famous and exceptional Role Playing Game (RPG). This game is too special because it already underwent innumerable revisions since it was launched based on the input and suggestions coming from game testers and players.  Though it is commonly played online, Minecraft can also be played offline.  All you have to do is to download the Minecraft software for free from the official game website once you already confirmed that Java Version 6 or later is already installed in the PC. Next is to keep it in a particular Minecraft files folder and then open an executable file to start the configuration.  There are many different platforms to play Minecraft like:

  • Personal Computer Versions – this is subdivided into three: Main version, Minecraft Classic and Minecraft 4K. They are available online and players can play Minecraft for free.  
  • Pocket Edition - it is concentrating  on the creative building and the primitive survival aspects of the game. Its difference is that it does not contain all the features of the PC version.
  • Xbox 360 Edition - it has a newly designed crafting system, control interface, split-screen multiplayer, in-game tutorials. It also offers every player the ability to play through Xbox Live. All of these features are exclusive to Xbox 360 version. 
  • Pi Edition - this is the latest edition and a bit the same as the Pocket Edition. Here, a player has the prerogative to alter the game code and utilize programming language in order to control things in the game world.

Though they are almost the same, many players still desire to play online instead of offline.  All they have to do is search for the site and then log-in to their accounts.  Playing online is more exciting when you are with your friends. Check our recommendation


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