Some People Rant and Rave Disliking Minecraft

Minecraft is one of todays most played games of all time, especially with kids at their teens. The responsibility and the ability to kill and slay monsters from the game give them the feeling of thrill and mining and building gives them a sense of creativity. This results of hours of nonstop playing with friends and gets them to talk about it at school which made the game more fun and enticing. However, not anyone agrees.


People have so many things to say in the Internet in this day and age. If you take a look at an open forum, many avid fanatics are there competing and arguing with people who regard the game as “lame” or people saying things like “it’s the worst game ever”. Since everyone is very much entitled to their own opinion, there are always two sides of the story.


Any game can’t always turn out the way you want it to be no matter how hard you try building the specifications and features that can manufacture a good game. Aside from the most common complaint consumers give such as the bad graphics of the game, minecraft online is not entirely the first one of its kind. According to Mojang founder Markus “Notch” Persson, the game was actually constructed in inspiration to some other games that became popular as time passes by. While other beginners say that the game lacks different kinds of stages, quest givers and other ways to measure and determine the success you’re achieving in the game, other devotees have also confessed that they were merely attached to the game at a long period of time and just grew out of it.


To some, the game is just an endless cycle of mining and building, and as they build, they should continue mining because it doesn’t last. They see no reward in doing these things anymore after hours in investing in playing the game and see the game as not fun anymore and then later on, a waste of time. Click here to know more about this.

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