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Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne - How To Beat Insane AI Strategy

Although most novice gamers have had a hard time dealing with the insane Warcraft 3 Ai that's even more aggressive than the typical campaign AI, there are ways to go against these tougher enemies. First off, you should be aware that the AI cheats. It knows your location, gets double the resources, and knows how to deal with micromanagement tactics effectively. With that said, this fact shouldn't deter you to download Warcraft 3 Roc & Tft . The insane AI of Warcraft 3, after all, is flawed. The AI cheats because most of the time, without the cheating advantage, they'd be ridiculously easy to beat 9 times out of 10; it'd be a sitting duck against most players without its unfair advantage.


Beating the Cheating Warcraft 3 Ai at Its Own Game


You are given a bone (or several) by the developers when it comes to the cheating Warcraft AI. These flaws were intentionally put in to give players the chance to beat the AI at its own game despite its unfair advantage. More to the point:


  • The AI Won't Use Its Huge Resources to Rush Against Your Inferior Ones: Even though the AI is provided an unfair advantage in terms of the numbers game, it will have a tendency to upgrade their base and go about creeping instead of using its huge armies to take you down every time. Build your armies during this time period; they'll only attack your base once it's revealed to be defenseless for a given time period.


  • Improve on Your Micromanagement and Timing:  It's tough to micromanage against AI, and it's virtually impossible to win a war of attrition against your computer enemies. Nevertheless, it's not impossible to beat the AI through micromanagement if you know how.


  • Speed and Careful Planning is Your Key to Victory: You don't even need a huge force to take down the enemy base. You only need one hero to take it down, but you need to do so around the time they're still vulnerable (they haven't gotten tier-2 building). Gather forces, bide your time, and attack while the enemy is weak.

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